Why build something of the past when we can create the future! Our service name ManGOmanSTAY was inspired by two major factors: Mango hacks and an idea to recommend ideal vacation plans for every traveler through their disposition determined by their DNA. ManGOmanSTAY uses the work Mango to represent a traveler(Man) Going on vacation; ManSTAY means that man gets to STAY in his piece of mind which on the go. Vacations can be quite stressful and agitating, but with the services of manGOmanStay, travelers can be on the go while maintaining their piece of mind by having accessibility to recommendations that can guide them through their trip.

What it does

Our use of genetics generates custom travel itinerary based on factual studies generated by genome links API. Once the data is combined from the DNA tests with the corresponding recommendations, pertinent blogs, images, and items are also generated by their URLs to help enhance the vacation. These blogs are filled with corresponding information to assist with general problems or questions that may come forth during the trip. The blogs are very fun and insightful, so they are worth reading in a leisurely manner.

How we built it

We built this web application by using JavaScript and Nodejs to request data from Genomelink's API to get DNA based analytics about users. We then chose the traits that were most relevant when considering the users traveling experiences and how to better that experience with a database of tips, activities, and food related articles for the user.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the problem of not knowing NodeJs which was essential to building a server that could communicate with the Genome API that we were using. We attended the workshops that targeted web-development, JavaScript, and the usage of React to help us build the server we needed but left us in a state of confusion still not having a full understanding of what needed to be done to continue. We worked as a team splitting the tasks up into building the database and building the server. Austin and Jonathan took the lead on the server side while Shaun and Joseph were in charge of the Database. The database came along nicely in JavaScript with categories of content to fit each level the user possible genome. The server side was much more complicated as we had no NodeJS or React experience to rely on but we taught much of the need skills to our selves eventually building the server and figuring out the API requests we needed to parse from Genomelink.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our website professionally presents a travel concept never produced before: using genes to enhance travel recommendations. Our service have completed its phase 1 version. We have now started developing a technology to cater to Royal Caribbean. Our algorithm theoretically can assign the ideal Caribbean cruise to individuals based on the data returned from Genomelink.

What we learned

We learned much of the JavaScript that was required to complete the hack and although the final product needs more work, we definitely got a lot further than we thought was possible. In the future we will try to work harder to obtain the skills we need to complete our hacks and hopefully be more successful as a team in the future.

What's next for manGOmanSTAY

There are many paths for the future of manGOmanSTAY, but one is the most important. Our goal is to market to the vacation industry. ManGOmanSTAY currently has a general vacation format that can be recreated for each business requesting our services. For Royal Caribbean, we can generate a service recommends the best cruise, attractions, and activities for cruises based on the data we have compiled using the genes of vacationers. This is the future of vacationing. Why try to live out the perfect vacation in VR and Video games when it can be accomplished in real life. ManGOmanSTAYS services not only eliminates the stress of missing out on desired activities and finding the desired plans, but also creates individual recommendations for each member. The DNA test needs to be taken through GenomeLink to enhance validity of the reports. All of GenomeLink's data has been scientifically proven through research.

** We completely met all of our initial goals. **

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