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MangoHacks 2018

Team Members: Guillermo Garrido, Isaac Ghobrial, Tina Suizzo, Gabi Rivera

The Hack

Using the power of the Solidworks, the German Rep Rap 3D Printer, the Arduino Uno and IDE, we have automated the tedious process of finishing a 3D print made from SLA filament.

How it Works

We devised a pulley system that the could properly prepare the resin to be used for 3D printing. First, the stepper motor lowers the basket into one of the rubbing alcohol tanks. It then raises the basket to its original height, and the basket is carefully pivoted into the second rubbing alcohol tank by the servo motor. The process repeats until the resin is properly prepared.

How to use Python on an Arduino Uno

  1. Install the Arduino IDE
  2. Download Python (2.7 or above)
  3. Install PySerial (a Python API module)
  4. Write a program in the Arduino IDE, and upload it to your Arduino
  5. Write a second program (such as one to blink an LED) in Python using either the Python shell or another IDE (e.g. PyCharm)
  6. Run your Python program and enjoy!
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