Passionate and busy people have no time to cook. As students, we understand that really well. As a result, we feel that there needs to be a solution that allows easy access to check the contents of the fridge

What it does

mangoDB is an application that allows users to track ingredients and groceries inside their fridge including its expiry date. Instead of manually inputting ingredients into the application, mangoDB allows two ways of knowing items inside your fridge. The first method utilizes a text recognition algorithm in which users could take a picture of their grocery receipt. The application will then attempt to recognize the groceries written on the receipt and filter it to ensure that only food products are processed into the database. Another way mangoDB could detect groceries is through RFID tags. Once RFID tags become a popular means of product identification, users could use a RFID scanner connected to this application before placing in their groceries into the fridge. This way, mangoDB provides an easy way to track products inside the user's fridge without the need of manual input. Other than managing products inside the fridge, mangoDB also searches for recipes online according to the available ingredients, allowing users to make use of their fridge items in a click of a button. We hope that this would solve food wasting as it provides a simple way for users to make the most out of their groceries and also encourages people to prepare their own meal with a simple recipe search.

How we built it

mangoDB was built on meteor.js as a framework for both front end and back end work. We also utilize other APIs such as Google's Cloud Vision API.

Challenges we ran into

One of our main challenges was to process data written on the RFID tags and input output. This requires communication between hardware and software to ensure that data could be transferred across these two platforms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to finish a reasonably ready product to demonstrate to the judges. We are also proud of being able to overcome the challenges that we faced during this hackathon.

What we learned

As a team, we learned not only the technical side of things, but also teamwork and commitment. This hackathon was a great experience for our team to practice organizational and teamwork skills on working on the same product.

What's next for mangoDB

There are multiple ways for mangoDB to expand its capability. For example, it could expand into other product storage management areas. There are also other key features that we could implement onto mangoDB to make this application more efficient for users.

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