Our product aims to make it easy for cloud storage users to manage their storage space easily. We provide a platform that shows all the storage space available in multiple platforms in one single interface. We currently support Dropbox and Google Drive, aiming to add support for more platforms in the future.

In addition to ease of data management, the main advantage of our product is that we split the files upon upload. This has multiple advantages:

  • the user can upload a file that is larger than any one storage platform, but smaller than the total space available across platforms
  • we split the files in small chunks that can be uploaded in parallel, faster
  • we encrypt the file chunks for an additional layer of security
  • the user can configure how much of each cloud space to be used by this application

Last but not least, this large project is still work in progress...

Pdf presentation: http://bit.ly/18AeHml Github repository: https://github.com/TomyRO/Mango

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