-New game Idea for a very nice fruit

What it does

-Collecting Mango from trees distributed in a farm --a trained gorilla to move from one tree to another and drop fruits on ground Collector have a basket with limited capacity -When basket is filled with mango collector have to move to store to deliver collected fruits -Lost dropped X fruits will cause game to end -Each level must have a target of required mango fruits count -No of trees in first level is 4 (2X2) and increment by level increment -Basket size can be upgraded to larger size -Game can be played by one player or 2 players in a competition by divide screen in tow for each player and both players have same task in his filed -Game can be played by (2,3,4) players in same farm ( each player will have a basket and will follow his monkey (each player will choose his preferred color of basket & gorilla ) -Game can be played in a timed mode by a time down counter & a target to collect mango from trees without a gorilla using a basket

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

-using multiple screen touch joysticks -Develop game story

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-using multiple screen touch joysticks

What I learned

-using Unity 3d in multiple screen touch joysticks

What's next for Mango Collector Game

-Complete game story for multiple users -Deploy for different platforms -Publish a web version

Built With

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