I recently worked on a mathematical research paper based on the Mandelbrot set and thought that this website would be the perfect opportunity to apply my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding for fractals. I also thought that this could spark an interest in mathematics for some—seeing the intricate patterns.

What it does

A fast and efficient Mandelbrot explorer (an infinite fractal), with unique features such as live zoom and the ability to tweak parameters, change colour schemes, and tinker with the formula.

How I built it

HTML, CSS, and heavily reliant on JavaScript + OpenGL for the GPU processing needed to generate the sets.

Challenges I ran into

Initially, the project I made was incredibly slow and the zoom feature was simply not feasible to use, with wait times for each frame at around 5–10 seconds. I then did more research into this, learning how to optimise JavaScript as well as learning about CPU, GPU processing, and threadings, among others.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Finally getting the "live zoom" feature to work more seamlessly through research and trial and error.

What I learned

I not only got a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the mathematics behind the Mandelbrot set, but also strengthened my understanding about algorithms, especially in JavaScript, and how to optimise such processes.

What's next for Mandelbrot Voyager

Implementing more parameters, making it even more "infinite" with a deeper zoom, adding more features for learning and exploring.

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