The inspiration comes from the currently popular circuit of Mandalika located in the country of Indonesia. Lombok wasn't only known for its new international circuit, but it's also known for its beautiful views. There are a lot of visitors coming to Lombok every year that are either going to visit the Koeta (Kuta) beach or to visit the said circuit,

However, because the city is still considered to be in a rural area. There seem to be a small amount of apartments built in the city of Lombok. This is a great opportunity for anyone to build an apartment complex in the surrounding of great sceneries and green footprints.

The terrain of Lombok also supports the use of renewable sources of energy such as the wind turbines and solar panels. Making it great for a sustainable source of energy with little to no carbon footprint at all!

How I built it

I used OnShape to create the CAD model and exported it into a .STEP and .obj file to create the rendered view and the animation. The render and animation, however. Made using Blender. Mainly because I don't have the budget to buy Maya or 3DS, but hey it works!

Challenges I ran into

THE TIME WINDOW OF ONLY A DAY BEFORE SUBMISSION Yes, I created this project with only a day at hand. The event somehow didn't show up in my Devpost suggested hackathon page. Even though I've already listed "Design" and "CAD" in my preferences.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even with only a day at hand, I can finish this project just in time with all the requirements met. And now, I just need to pray for the best. 😇

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