Warehouses are the center of business. From sourcing to quality, we at ManagewARe, recognize this and do our best to empower managers, allowing them to take care of what matters the most. In this era of Visual computing, a number of processes can be improved to increase overall efficiency. The possibilities arising from merging visual computing into warehouse management using sophisticated API's for Ordering and Transaction management inspired us the most.

What it does

Our application is a mixed reality portal for Warehouse managers providing features like checking all the incoming orders against the inventory at hand, assigning staff to a particular order line and sending coupons to customers whose orders has been delayed. Features:

  1. Visualize Order and Staffing data in Mixed Reality using Hololens.
  2. Sort Orders based on the Status.
  3. Manager can compensate customers whose deliveries are delayed.

How we built it

Targeted Hardware : Microsoft Hololens Software used : Unity 2017.2, Vuforia APIs Used : NCR's Ordering API, NCR's Promotion Execution API, Custom Made Data API, Microsoft Azure We chose Unity to develop for Microsoft's Hololens. We used Unity's XR namespace to implement Air tap gestures to interact with the UI panels. To manage, fetch and analyze Orders, we used NCR's Order API to fetch the orders. We used order ID's to retrieve more information on order. We used pickupDates, datePosted and current status to figure out late orders and connect with NCR's Promotion Execution API to send out coupons to those customers. We used Vuforia Markers to simulate QR codes on any Box present in a Warehouse and look at Virtual products that are inside it.

Challenges we ran into

Mismatch between versioning of Unity and Holokit made it hard for us to implement Gesture Recognizers as the namespaces have changed recently and the Holokit depends on various older versions. Figuring out the appropriate parameters and actions that have to change made us go deep into to the code and was very challenging. Vuforia is training stage too and we were force to use beta version which lacked detailed documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have developed a rich-looking environment where managers can easily and efficiently manage their jobs. This allows costs to be reduced and reduces the risk of any failure.

What we learned

We leaned how to collaborate different pieces of technology together and work in a team. We implemented our code following 'Continuous Integration' approach, adding details every hour and so and improving the UI along the way.

What's next for managewARe

Future Goals :

  1. Integrating Face API to provide hassle free Staff attendance.
  2. Implementing functionilty to manipulatie Order line data(Items inside a particular order).
  3. Shift Management for a manager.
  4. Using computer vision instead of a marker to identify objects.
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posted an update

The e commerce optimization has always been traditionally towards the customer end point. From Building Recommendation Systems to improving customer care support, the data warehouse has evolved around the customer sanctification.

With managewARe, we team up with NCR's powerful REST API support, to build an Augmented Reality System helping Managers to make efficient and error free decisions with convenience and ease, using the power of AR, MR and Data Analytics.

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