Manage My Pain for Android is an award-winning self-management app for sufferers of pain to track, analyze, chart, and report on pain episodes. It helps address the challenges for sufferers of chronic pain by giving them: • a common language and structure to describe pain that is understandable and intuitive, while still being medically-relevant • a convenient and quick way to enter their pain using their mobile device • reports that summarize their pain data for doctors, highlighting insights that may not otherwise be known

Launched in Sep-2011, it is the highest-rated and most downloaded pain tracking app on Google's app market. Online accounts securely store users’ information in the cloud and allows them to synchronize multiple devices.

By providing value to the patient in terms of insight and the ability to increase communication with their doctors, patients now have the motivation to continue self-management and self-reporting of their condition. This increases the value for patients enrolled in pain management-related clinical trials, as they can get real-time insights and take ownership of their condition.

The platform can be entirely customized so that each "section" within a pain description can address the specific needs of a clinical trial.

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