Blockchain assets are needed to be tracked and so we included an invoice system for it

What it does

We developed a system to manage the invoices of digital assets. The most important aspect of this system is that everything is managed by ethereum blockchain And we're giving ethereum blockchain the capability to generate the invoice

How we built it

We build the website with help of node.js and used solidity in the smart contract. As we know that every digital asset on the blockchain is created by a transaction and each transaction has a hash that is unique. So we are using that hash to symbolize an asset on the blockchain

Challenges we ran into

So we were trying to integrate the smart contract with the node application but while using web3.js library we faced issues and we're not able to send transaction from node app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Were able to connect to the meta mask wallet And we were able to grab the information from meta mask wallet If the phone sent the addresses and then we were able to generate the invoices on the specific addresses to which we are connected

What we learned

We learned about Ethereum blockchain and transactions used to generate invoice for decentralised assets

What's next for Manage Decentralized

As we were using the basic ethereum platform. But in the future will shift to IPFS because that will make rendering of data very easy

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