Many young children only think of being astronaut to being involved in the space industry not knowing there are many options available out there. Furthermore, there is usually no guidance to how they can achieve the career of their dreams.

What it does


Our apps helps young children explores career options in space and guides them on how to get them.

Main Features

Fill up questionnaires on their interests and personality Display a sorted list of careers based on compatibility Provides requirements for each career and list down notable people from that career Set career as goal to track own progress against requirements for career Connect with others of similar dreams and work together towards the same goal!

How we built it

Backend will be in Ruby on Rails to get it up quickly. Frontend will be a mobile application built using react native. This way we can create apps for both Android and iOS using just one framework.

Challenges we ran into

Finding an impactful pain point, we made several iterations and decided that career opportunities in space industry are quite little known. It is also most difficult to judge suitable candidates for space roles like scientist, data analyst etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Helping groom the next generation

What we learned

We learned the importance of defining the problem and proposing solutions for a niche industry. Time management is also an important factor when it comes to finishing our product and making validation while we made progress

What's next for MamaCanIBeAnAstronaut

Reach out to target audience i.e aspiring space-preneurs and space communities to develop a cohesive and seamless hjiring opportunities for young generations

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