One of our team members, Ana, lives away from home, sharing an apartment in Barcelona. Some days ago she hosted a party and after seeing the door of her fridge, crowded with post-its detailing the schedules of her and her flatmates and the shopping list of each of them, we were set on developing an app to make all of this easier. And, after years of listening her stories of mistaking the washing machine for the drier and not knowing where to put the detergent when she started to live alone, we also wanted to add helpful guides for people who leave their home for the first time.

What it does

MamaAway is an Android app that lets its users organise their lives and coordinate easily with the people they live with; its target is students who left their homes for college, but it's not the only group which may find it useful. MamaAway is divided in two main sections:

  • The Home section offers the functionalities focused on the household as a whole: a shopping list shared between all the flatmates, a task organiser to plan everyone's share of the house work (cleaning, taking the trash out, etc), a calendar to schedule events that require staying home (such as parties or special dinners) and the Naughty Night alarm, that lets all your flatmates know that it'd be better if they left the house alone that night for you and your partner ;)
  • The Personal section offers the functionalities focused on the user of the app: a personal shopping list and a list of tutorials (such as ironing or washing clothes) and cooking recipes.

How we built it

MamaAway is built on Android with a mySQL database running on an Apache server in the backend.

Challenges we ran into

We got a lot of problems trying to communicate with the server using JSON calls and responses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Transmitting the love and wisdom of a mother through a cold uncaring mobile app.

What we learned

This has been, for some of us, our first full-fledged Android app, and we have learned how they are developed and how the app communicates with the database in the back-end.

What's next for MamaAway

Finishing it.

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