Avast Secure Browser is so secure it motivated us to build a game about fighting malware. Also, we sometimes get bored on flights, and we wanted to play with each other, so we made it MULTIPLAYER as well. No Internet required! This also means that if the internet goes down in your flat, everyone can join for a quick gladiator session to release stress!

Just spin up a Wi-Fi hotspot, get your friends to join, and bob's your uncle — you're playing P2P over the local network!

What it does

A gladiator game where you throw your spear at viruses and try to survive all the waves. Don't forget to pick up your spear, because you only have one!

How we built it

We used create-raect-app to bootstrap a TypeScript application then we integrated Phaser and WebRTC. We added a bit of Red Bull, Coke (the good kind) and Monster. This is what we came up with.

Challenges we ran into

P2P requires a broker to help set up connections. We expect the Avast browser to include one so that we don't need to host it ourselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

P2P interconnectivity and a really fun game.

What we learned

WebRTC, PhaserJS, GitHub Pages, React, Blockchain...

What's next for Malware Gladiator

Port to Nintendo Switch.

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