This is an interactive game that connects attendees of Halloween Horror Nights to the monsters in the park and engages a broader audience with the Legendary Truth experience.

By placing beacons on a large number of scare-actors at Halloween Horror Nights, we enable guests to experience a new level of interaction with monsters and murderers.

Guests with the mobile application installed will receive collectible cards when they come close to scare-actors. Each card highlights a character from Halloween Horror Nights' past or present or a bit of lore from Legendary Truth.

In addition, some scare-actors will "infect" a portion of the guests who pass by. The mobile app communicates with a PixMob light bracelet, which allows guests to see when they have become infected. Scare-actors can be instructed to pay extra attention to guests whose bracelets pulse with a blood-red glow. This adds an immediate, simple reason for guests to care about and invest energy into the game and creates a memorable experience for guests "lucky" enough to get infected. For extra fun, infected guests can find a healing scare-actor to cure their digital affliction.

Finally, each collectible card can be flipped to reveal a Scruples-style question themed to the event. The questions are designed to make guests think and discuss, creating entertainment for any time spent waiting for a haunted house or other attraction.

Many elements of this design can be adjusted for use in other events and areas of the parks.

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