Controls - Headtracking to look/turn around - Touchpad on the Gear VR to toggle movement (except in the underwater scene)

How it works The entire experience is about finding the end point to get to the next environment. Look around to explore the environment, what it is trying to tell, what secrets it's hiding. Always look for the exit so you don't get lost.

This is a VR experience visualising an abstract journey made up by the mind's imagination. It consists of a chain of seemingly unrelated events triggered by consumable objects that will take you further in the experience.

An experience in different environments. The user starts in one environment, and is guided through it to another one. Entering a new environment can both occur at the user's will, or when the program decides it's time to move on, by ushering, throwing or tricking the player forward, unveiling a new part of the journey.

What makes this app unique is that instead of focusing on clear visualisations of the experience and environment, we dive into the abstract links of images and information created by our minds, while still keeping the journey comprehensive to another person's mind. We have to look into actual psychological experiences and translate them into a comprehensive VR experience. This will require intelligent use of graphics and sound to make the experience as immersive as possible. The biggest challenge here is to convince the user of something that they may have never experienced before but have a vague imaginative idea of what it may feel like. Then we would like to interfere with their imagination, while still giving the impression that they are moving through physical space and time. Give control at some points and take away control at others. To do this successfully will be extremely challenging and to keep the user hooked with the right amount of immersion will be key.

The technical purpose of this experience is to explore the limit of mobile VR in terms of presence (graphic) and 3D sound, challenge the traditional sense of space perception while still being able to navigate the environment.

Game engine: Unity3D.

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