The Math Literacy Builder, Malibu for short, hopes to "bridge the gap" by helping students understand the relationship between words, numbers and operations through a gaming experience featuring equations and word problems.

Users can choose to log in or run a practice session. Students who log in will have performance data collected for assessment. This data includes number of tries to work out a problem, amount of time to complete a problem and if the problem was completed.

"Operation Operand" is Malibu’s equation based game. An incomplete equation is shown and a student must pick the correct operation to complete the problem. "What’s The Word" is Malibu’s word problem game. A word problem is presented containing capitalized terms to provide clues in solving the equation.

For educators, we developed a simple learning management system to enroll and update students, view their performance statistics in the MaliBu games and to add new question sets for both "Operation Operand" and "What’s the Word?" games.

Standardized test questions are written assuming a certain level of reading and comprehension skill. For those struggling, this often becomes an overwhelming barrier. With Malibu we hope to help students overcome those barriers and gain the confidence and skill to improve their overall performance and "Bridge The Gap".

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