We all love penguins and we don't want to see their home destroyed. We also wanted it to be fun, and since music and games are fun, Malfunctioning Penguin was born.

The game procedurally generates an ice slide, on top of an ocean, from a music input by the user. The user has to repetitively press on the space bar to change direction (from left to right or vice versa) so that the penguin doesn't fall into the water. As the music goes, the slide grows thinner and thinner, making the game more difficult. It also represents the fast increase in temperature and the melting ice cap. Moreover rubbish and sea animals can be seen in the ocean to represent the fauna suffering from climate change and water pollution.

How we built it

To build our game, we used Pygame. The game also processes the frequency and pitch of the music input to be able to create the ice slide.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the path was a real challenge as we needed it to be generated by the music, while still being playable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It runs :D and it's cute*-*

What we learned

Processing music, using Pygame.

What's next for Malfunctioning Penguin

More music processing, possibly recognizing lyrics to put objects from the lyrics onto the screen.

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