We wanted to create something that would challenge us and be enjoyable. Our fascination with AI provided us with a easy answer, *a self learning AI. *

What it does

Our neural network and self learning algorithm play a game we created which has falling triangles. Over time, the algorithm determines how neural network (Myrtle) will play the game. The longer it plays, the better it gets!

How we built it

We built myrtle and the algorithm in java. The game was created in openGL.

Challenges we ran into

Everything. We had no idea how to create a neural network or a self learning algorithm before these 36 hours. Learning these things took tons of time and it didn't help that we weren't that comfortable with the topics when it came to bug testing. Although we faced these challenges, we persevered and created a super cool project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super proud of how our project turned out. It accomplished all of our goals and we have wanted to learn about self learning neural networks. It also looks pretty cool!

What we learned

We learned everything we set out to. We learned about Git, neural networks, self learning algorithms and how bad our coding efficiency was when we were sleep deprived. It was a super amazing time and we had tons of fun through the whole experience.

What's next for Making Tomorrow's Leaders Today

We will move onto creating more programs with everything we learned during this hackathon. Some of our future goals include implementing more computer vision into a program like this and more complex self learning AI. Myrtle will move onto controlling self driving cars and slowly start to control the world.

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