Wanted to learn something new

What it does

Displays a way point indicator for the direction to another person using the app. Has a companion app for android-wear for hands-free operation.

How I built it

They doubted me, so I went hard.

Challenges I ran into

Android-wear is a infantile platform, and had a lot of bugs and missing features. For example, most new android wear watches come with GPS and Wifi built in, but our LG G watch had only a bluetooth connection to the phone to work with, so our options were limited. Scott Banister

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Supports Ambient mode on Android-Wear. It was our first time working with the compass and GPS on a real device.

What I learned

Google Play Services library functions, Facebook Rebound API, Android-Wear interfaces.

What's next for Making Moves

Make more moves

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