Makikuna is focused around the purpose of providing a world-class education to those who can not afford one, or suffer from disabilities such as deafness. We seek to offer an interactive learning environment to both motivate and help a child succeed with the use of modern technology.

What it does

Utilizing human motor functions, specifically hand movements, in order to engage the student with their learning experience to optimize their success and motivation by taking advantage of the use of modern technology.

How we built it

For the Arduino glove: Six tilt switches were used to know how many fingers are being raised. An Arduino Uno board attached to a glove was used to get the input from the tilt switches. For the Website: We used Javascript and HTML5 For the Web App We used Leap motion to facilitate the User Interface.

Challenges we ran into

There were some issues attempting to create the wireless connections with the Arduino glove. As well as figuring out how to utilize the movement of fingers to represent a numerical value to solve mathematical problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are first and foremost proud of making use of both hardware and software. The Adruino glove is our biggest innovative accomplishment, in which we all contributed to in our own unique ways.

What we learned

We learned how to connect an Arduino board, and to configure its wires. Additionally, we had the opportunity to use an astounding product, Leap Motion. We learned how to use Leap Motion,

What's next for Makikuna

Makikuna has many plans for the future! We are driven to implement other great features such as text-to-speech reading comprehension, face recognition to determine difficulty of question, a close-knit community for all users, saving your progress and weekly challenges to significantly boost motivation and the overall experience!

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