We realized that there were lack of communication and management for educators to school clubs. As a result there has been many miscommunication between school and school clubs. And one of the major issue is that school clubs were always having trouble create their own website because of the lack of knowledge about programming and knowledge about domain .

What it does

Our project is a platform for educators to communicate with clubs and Our project MakeYour.Club help students create websites with no coding and simple methods. Club websites will use domain from .club. Features:

  • Social platform for people with common interests to form clubs.
  • Platform for educators and school clubs to communicate.
  • Create club website with easy steps

How I built it

CSS Javascript
HTML Angular. JS Firebase JQuery
Google Platform Node. JS
Express. JS

Challenges I ran into

We have really scare number of human resources in our team, it is very difficult finish this project in both English version and Chinese version with only two people. Also it is hard to get any rest or sleep with that much workload.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were extremely proud of our project because our project is beneficial to education. We were very passionate about contributing to the future of mankind- education. And we were also proud that we can finish this project with such limited amount of people and time.

What I learned

We learn to focus on one thing, and disregard all the other noises. This is what make us unique from other teams who are aiming for multiple prizes because they could not focus on one thing. We found that only if we focus on one, we can create a great project in a short amount of time.

What's next for MakeYourClub

We will continuously perfect our product , so that it is good enough for its market and users. We didn’t just want to win this hackathon and stop the great progress, we want people to actually use it and love it. Our final goal is to create a fashion that if schools does not have a website and not a domain ended with .club, they are out-dated.

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