Our desire to contribute to the society

What it does

It checks the distance between ambulances and other vehicles on the same route and sends a notification to the other vehicles to make way if the ambulance is within 1km.

How I built it

We used geolocation api to find the longitude and latitude of the ambulance and normal transport vehicle. We used a api to find the distance between the ambulance and other vehicle. If the distance was within 1km, a notification would be sent to other vehicles application.

Challenges I ran into

We initially tried to use the google maps api, however we realised that it required substantial funding for us to use the particular api we needed. Thus we spent a significant amount of time searching for other open source apis that would help us with the geolocation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first submission in a hackathon!!

What I learned

Time management is key.

What's next for MakeWayForEmergencyVehicle

We aim to complete our application and look for more user friendly apis that would help us create a better user experience.

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