We wanted to make something fun and gimmick-y (as this is all of our first hackathon's), and thought what better than something that makes you look so wonderful! As a gimmick, we decided to combat cyber-bullying in the most ridiculous way possible - if you take a photo of yourself, use our program to exchange parts of your face with other people's, then if somebody were to insult your picture - technically they're not insulting a picture of you! Instead they are insulting a collage of pictures of other people!

What it does

It takes a 500x500 image (preferably of somebodies face!), and divides it into an n x n grid. It then swaps out each division of the grid to the 'most appropriate' face we could find! The 'most appropriate' part is decided by an algorithm we wrote in our program!

How I built it

We wrote it entirely on Java, throwing around several ideas and implementing them (such as being able to change how many 'divisions' in the image there are). We made sure to structure out program well throughout the event, documenting the files (albeit minimalistically), so that modification of the code was much easier (especially in the morning!).

Challenges I ran into

Algorithmically, there were a few initial bugs in the program, which weren't originally obvious. However, we managed to spot all of them and now have a working Java program! We wanted to develop this as an android application, however none of us have ever had any experience in this field.. we just about added a button to an app before we had to submit our projects!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It compiled the first time we wrote it, somewhat amazingly! However, as complete novices with only 1 of us being confident in java (and none of us studying computer science), I think we are more amazed at the fact we got anything at all!

What I learned

We developed our skills in Java, attended all 3 workshops in the afternoon (which were very helpful!), and we introduced ourselves to Android Studio. We also learnt to work together as a coherent team, and really enjoyed doing so!

What's next for MakeMeBeautiful

As it’s entirely written in java, we could probably make an android app out of it! We could also seek to further improve the algorithm which finds the ‘most appropriate’ substitute for your face, and then swaps them out. We could also add some facial recognition API, which detects faces, and automatically swaps them out for their new 'improved' face!

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