WHY was this BUMP created?

1.3 - 3.4 million concussions happen every year in the US, and thousands of them go undiagnosed. Undiagnosed concussions can cause severe, lifelong health issues. Early detection & treatment is the #1 way to aid recovery and prevent chronic issues.

What is BUMP?

BUMP helps detect symptoms in less than 6 mins or less, right from the sideline. The affordable, accessible and FUN mobile test is designed for everyday users in real-life situations, unlike other apps that require a controlled clinical environment and expensive equipment.

How was it built

Bump is an IOS app, was built using Xcode 8, Swift, Objective-C & Sketch

Challenges I ran into

Technical challenges are a part of app making but, coming up with a new way to tackle a problem that has been here for decades is the tough part. Coming up with a practical solution to detect concussion was the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One thing, I am always keen off is LEARNING. I know a lot more about making apps than I did before I started making BUMP.

What I learned

How to use UI design to influence the theme of this app. How to make games by using very complex algorithms, and making storing values and data on the phones memory.

What's next for Bump - Concussion Detector

I am already working on some major updates for this app. There is going to be a lot more new methods of testing concussion coming up...

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