We were tired of people not showing up for appointments. Therefore we embarked upon an app creation that penalizes you a financially if you're late.

What it does

The app sets up a meeting, pretty similar to for example Google Calendar, but emposes a contract which says that you'll have to pay the other attendees if you don't show up on time. This way, we substitute the normal 'social contract' for a financial one, giving people a more concrete incentive to show up.

How we built it

Started out with some sketches, soon divided the tasks into Design, Frontend (iPhone) development and Backend development (Node.js).

Challenges we ran into

Had some problems integrating 3rd party services, much owing to the fact that Swift is a very fresh language, with limited support for other frameworks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works to the extent that it's usable (at least for us, since we have the app on our phones). We also think the UI looks good given the time constraint.

What we learned

Integrating different parts of a complex project in very limited parts. Dividing tasks efficiently in order to maximize productivity.

What's next for MakeIt

To find a payment provider like MobilePay or others that supports fast and reliable payment for mobile phones. Also attempt to find a good business model and marketing strategy.

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