MakeHaven currently organizes volunteer work through physical board and cards, a system that lacks efficiency and accessibility for its growing volunteer community. We aim to enhance motivation, communication, and organization for volunteer work through various functionalities.

What it does

The interface is more than a place where administrators to post volunteer chores that users can sign up for. It incorporates user-friendly functions such as reminders for the chores, message board for both administrators and users for better communication, and filtering by different criteria. With both visually pleasant design and useful functions, the interface integrates with the greater MakeHaven online presence, helping to build a more dedicated volunteer community.

How I built it

Built over the span of 2 weeks, this project combines HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap, javascript, python, and SQLite database. It combines frontend and backend. The project is stored in CS50 IDE and is compiled through Flask.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Without any prior CS experience, I built this project, along with my partner Vanessa, after taking an introduction to CS class. We faced various hurdles, since many functionalities call for skills we haven't mastered. However, we solved the issues or worked around them by seeking help from upperclassmen and the Internet. During the process, I not only gained much practical CS knowledge, but also honed my problem-solving skills and enhanced my tenacity in difficult times.

What's next for MakeHaven Volunteer Interface

We strive to continue adding and improving functionalities and respond to community feedback.

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