To test: click the invite link to our tester workspace in the 'try it out' block. Once you're in the workspace, notice that in the #general channel, we've pinned our readme file, our link to our code, and the link needed to authorize the bot. Follow the instructions on the readme to test the MakeBot.


A desire to create tech solutions for companies who aim to improve the world, either at the local, regional, or global level. We also enjoy using slack for school clubs and were piqued by the slack api.

What it does

We've created a slackbot that can be integrated into the existing workspace of MakeHaven, a local New Haven non-profit. This slackbot will orient new members and provide them with supporting resources.

How we built it

We used and to code the commands and operations of our slackbot called MakeBot. provided us with an express.js webserver. We then configured our app with the existing slack api management tools.

Challenges we ran into

We learned a new API and were frustrated by a permissions bug affecting the usability of our slackbot. Ultimately we were able to resolve the issue by researching together and asking mentors for a point in the right direction. BotKit started to give us issues and we decided to transfer entirely into Glitch/Slack API. This meant we had to re-code a large portion of the bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming together as a team to learn, hack, and have fun, even though we didn't know each other before Friday. Building a slackbot able to complete all the tasks expected by MakeHaven!

What we learned

Slack API, some javascript, Glitch interface

What's next for MakeBot

Hopefully it gets used by MakeHaven's slack workspace! MakeBot functionality is flexible and can be expanded beyond orientation-specific use to assist all MakeHaven members.

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