In today's society, conflict and arguing is the last thing we want the experience. It is bad for our mental and physical health. But what if it was our very perception of conflict and arguing that is actually holding us back from driving change?

MAKE_ME's goal is to redefine what arguing and conflict are. In arguments and conflict, there should be no violence, hate, anger, or frustration. When we argue or have a conflict there should be no sense of 'enemy.' For far too long arguing and conflict have been painted as something negative when really we should look at it as an opportunity. Arguing and conflict are when we listen, learn, acknowledge, agree, disagree, and move forward as a whole.

What it does

On MAKE_ME users are able to view the top 100 conflicts, top trending conflicts, and all topics of conflicts. Upon navigating to, for example, the top 100 conflicts, users are able to view the number of users, comments, views, and likes. Upon further clicking on a conflict of interest, users are able to view and write comments anonymously and safely. MAKE_ME filters through any potentially negative, toxic, sexual, and swear words or sentences. It ensures a safe, secure, anonymous, and sensible conflict and argument. Users are also able to create their own conflicts or arguments for the world to see.

How I built it

I utilized the Django Python web framework to manage URL requests, templates, and functions and the SQLite database to store and manage conflicts, arguments, and comments.

Challenges I ran into

Since I was a solo developer it was hard to time manage frontend and backend development to accomplish on time. The hardest part was allowing the user to comment and update on posts and filtering through to check if the comment was appropriate before it could even send. I learned so much!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I got this far in only 48 hours of hacking at Bridge Hacks.

What I learned

I learned how to create, manage, and store comments on commented posts and learned how to manage multiple requests in Python such as URL, POST, and GET requests.

What's next for MAKE_ME

Create a custom machine learning algorithm to detect profanity, racial slurs, threats, or targeted “attacks” toward people in comments and discussions. This is so that the experience is more professional, calm, and understanding. Ultimately I would consider publishing this on the web.


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