History of “Making Schengen Immune” or a story of a small group trying to look foraus:

We entered this Hackathon with clear goals in mind. Through discussions on Policy Kitchen, a policy innovation platform developed by foraus, ahead of the Hackathon, a bunch of us developed and submitted two challenges. We entered the Hackathon full of optimism and motivation to tackle them. Early in the event some great team members joined our journey. After intense discussions and pushing forward, we came to a shocking conclusion. The initial centerpiece of the challenge, the immunisation pass, turned out to be discriminatory if rolled out to the entire population and would lead to legal complication. We had to rethink our entire approach. Thanks to a great team effort, we were able to move forward from this setback. In just 48h we drafted a set of guidelines for policy-makers, which allow a gradual opening of the borders, without putting at risk domestic progress made in tackling the virus. As a team, we are happy and proud and look forward to finalise and publish our results as a policy paper.

Project description: As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, European borders have been closed and the free movement of people is suspended. This raises a lot of legal and political questions and has severe social and economic consequences. This situation cannot last and coordination will be needed to lift border controls and travel restrictions. Our goal is to restore the free movement of persons in the Schengen area by re-establishing trust among member States. How can this be achieved? Our solution is a policy guideline for decision makers in Europe. We have developed a toolbox of temporary measures to accompany a gradual reopening of borders. In order to avoid issues around proportionality, discrimination and feasibility, we do not focus on a single technical solution such as a Covid-pass. The guidelines include an assessment of possible measures such as health checks at borders, immunity passes for healthcare professionals or the strengthening of the European coordination mechanism and a proposal on when they could be implemented. In the past 48 hours. We worked hard to design a tailor-made policy toolbox of measures for policymakers. It needs additional work. Come and join us on our Policy Kitchen platform to participate in the discussion.

Our submission includes the following deliverables:

  • Video
  • Presentation of 5 slides
  • Timeline for implementation
  • Draft Policy Paper
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