Inspired by future bus stop possibilities and advancements in face reading APIs.

What it does

Our project is to create a system that allows gathering of emotional feedback on the presented information, for example advertisement on a bus stop. For the demo purposes, we've created a harmless prank. A person is asked to specifically NOT to touch the button, so when he does, we show a broken screen image. Meanwhile, the webcam feed is analyzed and recognized facial emotions are saved into the database. After that, a company or a person who bought the advertisement space would be able to see the general feedback and potentially conduct real life A/B advertisements tests.

How we built it

First we created a webpage displaying some material for presentation purposes, then used clmtrackr js to read the facial expression of the person interacting with it. We are gathering data in MySQL using custom made PHP restful API framework.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was thinking of what to develop. First ideas were about gamification of fashion advertising, but they would require very high quality tracking and more than just one static webcam. Going from there, we've decided to use a simpler form of computer vision, just recognition. Another (unsolved) is stable facial emotion recognition. A huge number of researchers work on the solution, and right now we use one of the open source implementations. In the future, it will get better.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the idea at the end turned out OK.

What we learned

The bus stop screen is just a big monitor in a public space.

What's next for Make people sarcastic again

The next crazy hackathon.

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