when trying to consider major challenges faced in heathcare today, mental health immediately sprung to mind. We realized that if we could better monitor and aid people's day-to-day feelings, we could significantly improves their quality of life.

What it does

This web app allows user to type in a journal entry. Then, it analyzes the entry and returns a popup with images or text dependent on the user's mood.

How we built it

Using the react framework and javascript, we coded the web app. We used Google Cloud Platform to do the sentiment analysis, and we used amazon web services to facilitate the login/ account creation process.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty in applying the sentiment analysis and applying the amazon web services API. However, after reviewing the documentation and speaking to mentors, we were able to successfully implement the APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of our simple, user friendly interface that works seamlessly with both APIs.

What we learned

We all improved our react and javascript skills significantly, as most of the team had never used it prior to the hack. We also learned a lot about the implementation of the APIs and structure of web pages and web applications.

What's next for Make My Day

In the future, we want to refine a machine learning model and a database so we can track a user's mood, predict how their mood will change, and give them resources and materials to both handle and improve their mood in a more dynamic and more personalized way.

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