Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of things you can do in NYC? Or have you felt like you've seen it all?  Make My Day is an application that helps local residents and tourists experience all that this city has to offer by introducing an element of adventure and excitement into their schedule.  A user will navigate to the site, and in three easy steps expand their knowledge and experience regarding New York.  With one click the application will generate a variety of activities from various city databases according to user defined parameters. How does it work? First users need to tell the application how much free time they have to spend exploring the city.  This could be as little as an hour or as much as 24 hours., then they will indicate how much money they wish to spend, and finally they will choose from a brief list of activity categories to determine their preferences and abilities. Make My Day challenges people to explore new areas, experience new things and revisit old favorites. Users answer 3 simple questions, and our application makes the decisions and does all the legwork. Our itineraries are great for family outings, tourism, dates, or just plain exploring. Make My Day was developed by PublicStuff, and online platform that connects people to their local governments. By putting city services and other critical municipal information online in communities nation-wide, we are bringing municipalities into the 21st century. Nothing planning for this weekend? Let us make your day!

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