While enjoying mandatory fun Chris and I realized that we could use the countless laps on the track and translate it into useful data via a wearable device.

What it does

The concept of Make Moves is a Smart Shoe which can calculate a runner's distance run, average speed, heart rate, calorie burn, and the pressure points on their feet (where they contact the ground). It can help runners fix or work on their form as well as be used for physical therapy, such as to help correct flat footed-ness.

How we built it

We built it using C++ and an Arduino/Micro-processor (Intel Edison) to, in theory, take in the raw data and process it at which point it sends it via Bluetooth to the Android application, written in Java, which displays the information for the user. (This was never achieved)

Challenges we ran into

Bluetooth was our biggest challenge, we were never able to achieve a stable connection which would transmit data. Due to this we were unable to complete our hack.

We ran into other problems here and there but Bolted past them. We had to jog our memories to and dust off a few of our skills that we hadn't used in a while (such as C++ and Android development).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Coming up with the idea; it let us get off on the right foot.
  • The amount of running puns we were able to work into the DevPost.
  • Making it to Target before they closed.

What we learned

C++ and Bluetooth

What's next for Make Moves

The closet probably, maybe a box next to the power glove and smart helmet.

Or a multi-million dollar start-up. Who knows?

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