Financial Motivation

Decentralized finance payment after delivery service for online shoppers. Reign improves financial access to the ecommerce market and empower holders by increasing purchasing power. Foster adoption by all by increasing defi liqudity for consumers and businesses. Since 2016, the number of credit card use has been decreasing. Online payments is not assessable for everyone and limits ability for people to online shop. Some people do not have access to a bank account, do not like using credit cards, can't get a credit card, or cards are maxed out. 70% cart abandonment by online shoppers. BNPL 83% of retailers experienced improved conversion, fewer cart abandons with 72% retailers experienced higher average order values and basket sizes. More people are going online to shop. This is a trillion dollar market that has a total available size of $6.3 trillion in the E commerce field worldwide. Number of people buying goods and services online will increase to 2 billion by end of 2021 with 29.8% of transactions using a digital wallet.

Make it Reign: DEFI + Buy now, pay later

Make it Reign. Buy now, pay later. Our user friendly wallet account has analytics for operations and tracking to using a user friendly interface, used as a crypto wallets with shopping rewards and options for payment-after-delivery in addition to having security measures like a recovery phrase verification. With Reign, customers can sign up and easily apply for credit. They will be given $250 check out with Reign asset and the integrated crypto wallet here they can choose a repayment plan. The value proposition is multiple tiers the default tier is for payments over three months, all with different spending limit. It rewards customers for their loyalty to online shopping per our Reign. Privacy collection at users have signed what we do is their consumer pattern target ads consumers will get better recommendations personalized merchants will get more consumers. Direct users paying the monthly account fee [$8/month] until repayment is paid in full (interest-free) in addition to administration fees. Advertising revenue from consumer shopping data collected from the mobile app used for analytics. Direct ads based on geography, gender, age and spending habits as one of three revenue sources.

For merchants, it rewards customers with tokens such that long term customers incentive to keep spending online. It creates a gateway that enables shopping with cryptocurrency people that don't normally have access. Financial Freedom for all. Increases access to financial resources for ALL. Platform owned collectively by stakeholders - decreasing the need for a intermediary middlemen thus reducing fees. Empower customers by increasing shopper control, freedom, and loyalty. Help businesses grow by increasing the average order value and increasing shopping. Merchants make commission on purchases paid through REIGN application and token governance. Lending pool from tokens used to fund the REIGN loans.The blockchain technology enables network of custom-made blockchains of tokens and account balances with parallel transactions from all chain networks at the SAME time. REIGN handles heavy transactions at scale of global commerce with 166,666+ tps capacity [61% higher compared to Visa Benchmark].

Blockchain Technology: Polkadot + Substrate Barcode Scanner

QR code feature physical assets here a picture of the product and we can generate a QR code assigned a physical REIGN asset. Blockchain traceability of financial transactions on a secure ledger. Print and adhere label to trace assets, Scan barcodes as items go through the supply chain where RFID tags are read as they arrive to their destination. Allows for industry-wide compliance.

REIGN is built on Rust with Polkadot and Substrate where blockchains are called Parachains. Polkadot Parachain here from the right is running parallel transactions from all chains in the network at the same time. This allows chain asset exchanges of tokens an account balance this optimizes for scale so for instance the matter of the large amount of metadata blocks. Substrate-based blockchain nodes expose a number of capabilities like networking, consensus, and RPC server for node interactions. This is comparable to Visa benchmarks where Polkadot Parachain is 61% faster, in addition to having forkless and future proof upgrades.

When REIGN wins a slot and runs on Parachain, it will instantatnely activate vesting period for contributer's token addresses, and annual for non-contributers. ICO - Breakdown of all REIGN tokens to be released into circulation on a monthly basis. Percentage of total token supply allocated between Seed, reward (IPO participants), founding team, treasury/reserved, founding team, strategic investors (VC). Year1 includes auction reward, shoppers referral program, and liquidity program. There are 80,000,000 REIGN tokens set aside for rewards on our customized Parachain blockchain aunctions that can be distributed to merchants to reward spending. Industry-leading security protocol that self upgrades. Inter-chain communication makes it easier for changing core rules, adding new functionalities, and repairing states. Nominators stake their REIGN tokens for best returns and vote on changes to the network. On-chain governance is governed by ALL stakeholders connected to the relay chain. Validator Pools with less stake to maximize rewards since each nominator is paid the same reward. Option to compound rewards to sell or reinvest with maximum 64 nominators in each validator pool with 28 day lockup period, and 84 day time limit to claim rewards controlled by the web interface.

Built With

  • figma
  • grandpa
  • libp2p
  • polkadot
  • rust
  • substrate
  • web3
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