As a student, we want to start our own business to secure our future and to be a successful entrepreneur. It is not only in our home country, but it can anywhere over the arena. But the main problem is that the pupil doesn’t have sufficient budget to reap their target. At the same time, they need someone’s assistance to enhance their capabilities and use those skills/capabilities will help the community. It is too difficult for students to find out the venture capitalists who invest money in their projects. Besides this, it is hard for students to find professors and consultants who assist them and boost up students’ knowledge. Along with this, the organization is seeking innovative idea and project through students and students have a platform to sell their projects and their ideas because they are unable to meet directly to the CEO. With this project, we want to connect these segments and solve the student’s problem.

What it does

“Make it happen” is a platform for students to represent their ideas and sell their services. And this app will support the students because it makes the interaction between different stakeholders, where students are capable to explain their projects. These stakeholders are students, venture capitalists, organizations, professors and consultants. This app has a friendly interface for submitting different projects, buying projects, investment as well as for consultations also. Benefits to various groups within the community Student: A mobile app supports the student to represent their ideas and projects because the student would not have a platform to express their ideas and projects which helps them to become a successful entrepreneur. Moreover, it helps the students by finding a suitable investor or an organization for their project. Besides this, the viewers can see just brief information about these projects and give their views regarding those projects. Venture capitalists: The venture capitalist can see students’ projects and check the rating, benefits, and risks of those project. After that, the VC's are deciding to invest money in those projects. And this app makes a connection between students and investors. Organizations: Moreover, different organizations can register themselves and can buy the student's projects and check that the project is beneficial for their organizations. Professors and consultants, Two more segments connect via this mobile app namely “make it happen” and these are professors and consultants. Students can book the appointments with professors and consultants and boost up their skills, however, they also book the appointments via this app. For this assistance, students have to pay for their services as well. With this app, the students are connected with VC’s, organizations, professors, and consultants to fulfil their dreams and this app will give an interface to those people as well.

How we built it

SQLite is a database management system that we used to build the database of our application. To create this application, SWIFT programming language is used for iOS. Besides this, we use artificial intelligence and cloud computing to recommend the projects according to their interest and it is only for the persons who are venture capitalists and organizations.

Challenges we ran into

· Student’s interviews: Last challenge that we face is to conduct an interview with the students and understand their problems. · Gathering information: It is hard to gather information from different online sources that what things we use to solve the student’s problem in real-time. · Time limit: We are facing the problem with delivering our project within a very short period. It’s hard for us to express our views in 60 seconds or 120 seconds. Besides this, we are facing too much pressure that how we express our idea to the judges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We put a lot of efforts to create an app which gives a platform to all students to sell their services. Our group members are so supportive and have a different type of skills. Within a very short time, we create a prototype that shows how our app will work and solve the student’s problem. It gives confidence to us that we also have the skills to tackle the problem.

What we learned

With this, we learned that how we connect the different segments like a database with the application and also connect all the stakeholders via cloud computing. Moreover, we also learn how we make a business model canvas. Besides this, we learn how we work together within a limited period and divide our tasks into different section and every person complete their task.

What's next for “Make it Happen”

· At a moment we make a prototype but after that, we will construct and then we test our app. · After that we want to launch our application and it is same as with UHack but UHack event is only for 3 days, while students need this daily. · When this app will succeed, it brings new opportunities for all stakeholders and we are too excited regarding our app.


For use our app, first an individual need to register themselves after that the person just needs to sign in. At that time, he/she needs username and password that the Individual chooses when they register themselves in an app.

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