We are hacking together (parts of) the fictional character of HAL 9000 (i.e., a super intelligent computer in the movie- 2001: A Space Odyssey). HAL 9000 operates on networked machines. We put together Raspberry PIs, sensors (e.g., biosensors ECG/PPG and environment sensors- humidity and temperature sensors), object and face recognition, and online logics to find relationship among the data. We'd like to keep working on this hack so that we can use it at home as a private data network (so far, we are using Firebase to sync our data).

We are proud of our hack-ish system that actually takes in multiple sensor streams and make inferences from it. For example, this system found me drinking a coke and stored this information. This system also automatically finds relationships (i.e., correlation) among different sensor data.

We believe by deploying this system at home. It could gradually infer many relationships in the home environment and (potentially) make computer smarter about human life.

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