Me and my teammate has been observing the situation of charities around the world for quite a while, and the global charity system was our inspiration. There exists a plethora of large institutions that are working all day just to fight poverty and aiding the poorer community. However, a lot of the poorer community does not know how to access these helping hands, simply because most of the poorer communities are either not educated enough or has access to internet understanding in order to ask for help. Which means, these large charity organizations has to find where the people needs help and then provide them the services. Our inspiration lead us to produce a site that can be easily accessed, simply understood for the requiring hands of our community.

What it does

Its a simple website in which donors can register a donation of any item and seekers looking for that specific item can request the item from the donor and establish a contact.

Donors begin by going to our website and registering for anything they wish to contribute. The contributors' gift goods and locations are saved in our database (note: the location is only accurate to the district/area for privacy confidentiality).

Seekers may now visit our website and search our database for products they need, within their area utilizing the offered search bar. When a needed gift is discovered near the seeker's location, the seeker can request the donor's email address upon verification.

After the donor and seeker make contact through email, they can meet and the donors can make the contribution on their own

How we built it

We built it following the depth trac. We went on to find the adverbial form of "depth" which was "deep" and so our project was "how deeply people need help?" We built it using HTML5, JS, CSS, jquery, note.js, sheetdb

Challenges we ran into

We learned web development quite recently and the whole project was a challenge for us. Teammates had to live on cofee and we had to learn about APIs in 5 hours overnight. The toughest was to find an idea out of the tracks

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole learning experience from this build and the hackathon 🙂

What we learned


What's next for Make Difference

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