In order to play around, test or build anything on your Airtables you need data - lots of it. Frustrated by having to type endless rows of sample data to see how our data shapes up we decided to create a block that allows us to generate random sample data to play with.

What it does

The block allows your to:

  • Select an existing table
  • Choose how many sample records you want to create
  • Map table field data to over 80 random data types
  • The sample data will be added to your table and you can clear it when you're done

How I built it

We pull in test data via a hosted CDN to keep the app fast and efficient, and create a Block with a user interface where you can map your table to random sample data you want to make.

Challenges I ran into

Because our app writes and removes data in tables. We ran into issues with the write and read limit. We got around this that by chunking data so we only do 50 bulk rights or reads at a time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got a working version of the app up - with a lot of random sample types.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about React JS and how Airtable works.

What's next for Make Data

We plan on adding more features to make the block more flexible for even more use cases.

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