From the opening ceremony of this hackathon, it was made apparent that Trent had a mature waste disposal system set in place. Ryan Swift from MLA alluded to his surprise of how behind Toronto and several States were behind on this aspect. Therefore, we knew we could better instruct the North American society based off of Trent's examples.

We created a virtual reality (VR) simulation using the Oculus Rift which immerses the user in a peaceful, but littered park with a variety of waste groups. The goal of this VR simulation is to place the litter into the designated disposal bin in an effort to better make aware of the recycling protocols and therefore reducing the carbon footprint on the environment in a fun interactive way. When an item is placed in the correct container, a point is rewarded to the user as incentive while cleaning up the virtual park.

We used the Unity game engine for creating most of the simulations's environment as well as textures. Several C# Scripts were necessary for defining object collisions and score tally.

There were several occasions, where we hit road blocks during the development of our simulation due to a variety of technical issues such as not being able to grab 3D objects due to lack of collision, and clipping issues. All members of this team did not have strong previous experience working with the Unity Game Development Engine, the Oculus Rift, or the Leap Motion. However, we perservered and were able to overcome these challenges after working and reworking the problems, and after several search queries and scavenging of the online help forums.

We were really proud of actually having been able to make the simulation work as this is the first time 3 of us have ever coded on Unity or with C#. Another accomplishment was that we were able to brainstorm effectively and scale our project appropriately to meet the demands of this hackathon. All of us were able to envision our end-goal and in the process deeply expanded our skills with Unity becoming more proficient with it.

We plan to expand the simulator in terms of size allowing the user to have a better representation of the environment. Also we would like to add additional settings and brush up on the movement mechanics of the simulator as well as smoother object interaction with the leap motion controller.

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