What is it?

A Kids Skill for the Amazon Echo that encourages kids to play make-believe games by suggesting games and characters for them to play!


My kids love playing games that they just make up - Kings and Queens, Horses, Evil Queens, whatever! I thought it'd be cool if they had a Skill that they could ask to suggest, possibly silly, make believe games for them to play!

The aim is to encourage imaginative real-world play and have a lot of fun!

The Skill is built such that I can update the "game ideas" easily without re-submitting the Skill for certification, so the content can be kept fresh and fun! I hope to have THOUSANDS of ideas eventually in the Skill.

What ages is it for?

I'm aiming it for now at the 7 - 9 age bracket as that's how old my kids are!

What's next for Make Believe

Adding more content and diverse content - music, sound effects and also an Echo Show version with visual graphics.

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