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We choose the Make-A-Wish, because when a child discover a terminal disease he (or she) fells like carrying all world in your shoulders and forget the most important thing at that moment. Be a child. All team of the 1d3d had contact with the 3th sector (unless once) and from our point of view that we really can make a difference with our skills and knowledge.

What it does

We developed a lading page joinig our expertise with lead generation, third sector, ux and development.

How we built it

It was build first with a concept system and a workflow. We all needed understand how increase a conversion rate to a landing page and how manage all leads.

Challenges we ran into

Remove some features do finish the project in time. =(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very happy with the result, because we done researchs, mockup, workflows, immersion, meetings (a lot), prototyping, presentation and worked hard.

What we learned

That sometimes we have to think in small things to do. And we trained your languages skills.

What's next for Make-A-Wish

We probrably will contact the nonproof organization.

How long did the assignment take?

20 hours for all team

If you could go back and give yourself advice at the beginning of the project, what would it be?

Take a work day off before the challange

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