The purpose of this project is to serve as a platform to aid users in carrying endless conversations with their new friends on telegram, as facilitated by our wide diversity of categories and a website that brings users to explore even more.

With the increased amount of time spent online as opposed to face-to-face due to the pandemic, people may feel a sense of distance with their friends as conversations end quickly (or worse still, no one starts conversations as they do not know what to talk about). Hence this bot and website will aid users in sustaining friendships through meaningful conversations and possible (covid-safe) explorations of Singapore.

What it does

Our telegram bot @MakeANewFriBot aims to help users start or continue a conversation with their new friends by allowing users to choose a category they like, then randomly generating a relevant question that can spark discussions, laughters, and definitely friendship! Following this, our webpage allows you to explore further ideas of activities that you can take part in, eateries you can binge at, and entertainment marathons (eg. movie marathons) you can participate in with your friends! Relevant links to our webpage will also be sent at the same time to enhance and guide the conversation.

How we built it

Telegram bot component: Python code written from scratch in PyCharm; Website: Built from scratch with HTML, CSS and javascript

Challenges we ran into

Unable to import telebot

Accomplishments that we are proud of

First time writing python code (Ruoyan); First time creating a website (Rama)

What I learned

We learnt to create telegram bots and how to create the front-end of a website as well as UI/UX considerations

What's next for Make a New Fri

Further improvements by extending the number of categories and questions for each category. Add more interactive javascript elements to our webpage.

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