There are many resources that focus on teaching students what to learn and and how to do certain things. However, there are not many resources or apps that explicitly utilize just how habits work as a way to present a useful tool. Working on personal habits have inspired the group to look at other habits and how others deal with negative habits.

What it does

This progressive web app was originally designed to help the user go through a series of steps to determine just what and how will the desired habit be established through a variety of questions and helpful tips based on proven research. After having established the necessary times and actions required to complete the habit, notifications and reminders will be issued by the device as well as the triggers previously chosen by the user to help start this habit.

How We built it

We began by building up the basic foundation of a NodeJS app, using Vue as the frontend. In order to persevere the user's data, we originally conceived of using MongoDB as a primary resource. Vuelify was utilized as a CSS framework while git was used to coordinate teamwork and changes among the team.

Challenges We ran into

The main challenges that we faced was attempting to connect MongoDB with the Vue ecosystem, yet it required more tools and technologies to achieve such an effort. Besides this obstacle, we were able to present a somewhat workable prototype.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We were able to work quite effectively together, and much has been learned especially in how to use git and Github effectively. This tool allowed us to be able to coordinate certain tasks together and led to relationships that was both professional and personal in nature.

What We learned

We have learned various different technologies along the way, as some haven't used these technologies at all. Helping and learning from others had led to a very rewarding experience when interacting with others and trying to understand new technologies.

What's next for Make A Habit

What we hope to further develop from this stage is to ensure connectively between the app and the database and bring a more immersive experience for a student in need of help of sticking to a good habit.

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