Makan Tompang

| A community app that saves our energy in ordering take-out.

Makan: To eat

Tompang: To hitch a ride


Ever asked your roommate to buy you dinner on their way home? What if you could ask anyone in the community? Makan Tompang is an app that connects users who want a food delivery (buyers) with users who are already at restaurants (couriers).

What It Does

The app considers the route that the courier would take from the restaurant to their homes/destinations, and suggests buyers whose locations are on their route, in the order of how much of a detour they would have to make to get to those buyers.

How We Built It

We used Google Maps Geocoding API to convert location/street into geographic coordinates. We coded the optimization algorithm in Python. Then we used flask to link the Python backend to the frontend that is built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The UI design was made with Sketch

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of

Using Flask successfully for a team of 3/4 non-engineers. For eating 5 slices of pizza each. We changed our entire project but still made it. We made sure our Flask guy never gave up. For getting some sleep.

What We Learned

Some of us learned how to use git from scratch/learned how to make pull requests. Don't create branches randomly. Math is hard. The true prize is friends you make along the way. Learned how to parse data between Python and Javascript.

What's Next For Makan Tompang

  1. Real-time location tracking of buyers/couriers to auto-populate address field
  2. Group communities by schools/towns/cities etc.
  3. Ability for courier to indicate if they are walking, cycling, or driving. This will alter the algorithm so that if they are driving, for example, the algorithm takes into account that they would be able to make a detour, faster.
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