We want to provide the best healthcare solution for the people

What it does

The health insurance companies can provide offers and better insurance policies to customers using data from IoT modules stored in blockchain and consumers can use this data to get better treatment. If you are in an accident, this module can give data that can help in treatment.

How we built it

We developed an IoT application using ST Microcontrollers STM32L475 board collect data such as Temperature, Humidity Pressure, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer and heartbeat sensor.

We stored the data over Blockchain. The unique ID of the IoT device is stored on Ethereum and a hash which is a private key is returned to the user.

Challenges we ran into

Instead of using Arduino or Raspberry Pi, we used an ST Microcontrollers STM32L475 and had to use a new IDE called ARM mBed platform (Similar to Keil) instead of the easy Arduino IDE. It was very tough to learn new board and program it in such a short time, but we were not just able to read all the sensor data but even send it over IoT to the local Wi-Fi server in JSON.

By working on blockchain we faced an issue of creating a link between Ethereum and IPFS (Oracleization)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of working on this amazing solution because this can truly help to better the lives of the people.

What we learned

We learned to make out own website using

What's next for MajorLeagueHealth

Provide NFC solution to get health data of the patient without revealing personal details. We also were working on developing a VR solution for small kids to divert them while they get their vaccinations. Computer Vision solution to observe skin infections and acne for a dermatologist.

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