This project is named after a social media trend from hip hop icon DJ Khaled. The artist often refers to things that bring him his fame and glory as a "major key." Inspired by a need for enhanced security and authentication techniques in our digital world, we created MajorKey to keep your accounts safe from unauthorized users.

What it does

MajorKey is a realtime safety net (we call it a "safe-key" net) for our accounts. We realize that after a user logs into their account, they are no longer protected - if someone other than you gains access to your account via your password, you are at the mercy of the perpetrator. This solution gives users another chance, and enables the user to consistently verify who they say they are by using keystrone dynamic technologies. Keystroke dynamics refers to the method of identifying or confirming the identity of an individual based on the manner and the rhythm of typing on a keyboard. By streaming this data in real time as the user types, we are able to provide features such as email notifications or account shut-down if the user's typing pattern does not match the pattern stored for the user. A Google Chrome extension allows the user to stream keyboard data from absolutely any source (such as sensitive document editors or online exams)

How we built it

We built MajorKey using an HTML/CSS and JavaScript front-end based on MaterializeCSS. The front-end communicates with the Java backend via a realtime data streaming service called PubNub.

Built With

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posted an update

Miss any keynotes from our presentation? Here's the overview:

  • Real-time keystroke dynamics
  • Access data over the Internet anytime
  • Use with any application using our Google Chrome extension.
  • Email notifications when the server detects that the user's typing isn't familiar

And so much more! Comment with any questions!

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