When we traveled to SF, we left our car unattended for several hours. But when we came back, we observed that the window had been smashed in and some of our belongings had been stolen. We quickly realized how dangerous many parts of the city were, but we still could not give up all the fun and exciting endeavors it had to offer. Therefore, we decided to develop software that can help a person navigate SF safely.

The app has two main functionalities: first, it allows the user to view where crimes are currently happening in SF and where to go that is safe. Second, it allows the user to report any crimes that occur that either they witness or are a victim of.

We built it using an HTML/CSS website, and also have a java program.

The major challenge we ran into was trying to integrate the java program into the HTML program. When we realized javascript embeds would be more ideal, we converted the java program into javascript, but then had trouble fixing the code and implementing it into the HTML file.

We are proud of the use of the Google Maps API, as well as our crime detection per district.

We learned the importance of integrating several tools, resources, and languages into one cohesive program that can also be user-friendly.

We plan to integrate the entire software onto one application, and implement real-time data coupled with user reports to enhance the credibility of the software.

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