laziness and stress

What it does

app design for building a recycling economy

My idea is to use the small area of Bloomsbury in central London to test an app which has the following functions:

  1. you either are paid yourself per bag of decontaminated waste yourself. You will be paid minimum wage assuming it takes an hour to gather and wash your waste materials
  2. Or you can call someone to your residence to do the work for you and pay them London living wage

I believe the cost should be borne by the whoever profits from the new products that are made out of the recycled goods. I tried to see what happened to my plastics when they were recycled but Camden council’s link was broken. I found something for Ealing that said they are made into .... .... ....

So I believe setting up the trial of this system of compensation is the responsibility of the stake holders who do manufacture and sell products made...

And ultimately prices will potentially go up on the products but that will be borne by consumers.

I just think this way is fairer for everyone and has real potential to change how we look at materials we use and waste in terms of the time and effort they will cost and

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

very low technical skills

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

about app mock ups

What's next for majestic marine animal


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