One weekend we had a boat-riding event with couple of friends at Indian ocean.Unfortunately , one of our friends drowned while swimming .It took a minimum to two hours for us to get response from the nearby health centres of which some did not even show up at all. our colleague's condition continued to worsen due to little-know on directions and available health facilities. This took us a long time period of time to access medication. Following on the above scenario, had there been simple way that gives an ease access to not only with directions to health facilities but also with info regarding the nearest open health facilities in case of emergencies, then the response time to medication could be short. This scenario represents one of the many emergencies that may takes place and a lot of lives are claimed due to delayed response to medication. We thought of an easy way to solve this problem using technology and we represent to you MaishaTap!

About MaishaTap

MaishaTap is a real-time mobile application platform that is capable of listing health facilities with Open/Close status enabling patients to choose facilities that are operational at the time of need.

MaishaTap features

-Integrated with Google maps and google navigation services and is capable of giving directions while you drive through visual aids.

-Voice enabled directives using artificial intelligence services by offering the shortest path possible to your health facility destination.

-A Patient can request for other services other than ambulance service.


We intend to integrate this tool to more health information systems and possible extend its scope to include preliminary patient data capture on emergency site.

How we built it

The android app is built using JAVA and PHP programming languages.

Challenges we ran into

Piloting this Application took us a long period of time.i.e convincing hospitals aid us with their details

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working product that is currently in the testing phase.we hope to release end of this month

What we learned

-Working as a team lead I software development skills -Through team collaboration we were equipped with more new ideas and skills to help make the society a better place

What's next for Maisha tap

We are currently developing Maisha tap for other mobile platforms such as Ios.

Built With

  • java-php
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