From our personal experience as both renters & owners of property we know how cumbersome maintenance can be especially because owners/prop managers hate that residents don't fill out proper request forms tenants hate filling out proper requests forms. This presents a serious problem for both parties involved especially in case of an emergency like a pipe bursting in the kitchen.

What it does

Simplifies maintenance issue reporting with an intelligent chatbot assistant (Argo) to facilitate transparent & easy sms/chat based exchanges. Next time you have a broken pipe, the heater is on the Fritz, or any other issue just text Argo.

How we built it

The chatbot was built with DialogFlow, which is accessed through the Twilio SMS service which is written in python. The data from this is stored on an SQL database which is hosted on a google cloud instance along with the google vision API

Challenges we ran into

Twilio is built mainly for javascript & when we tried to build using their node.js starter we ran into a major roadblock & had to switch to python. Otherwise the major hurdles were just connecting all the pieces together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not only connecting the chat bot to our business logic but doing so through Twilio's SMS API for simple chat based interactions. To take it a step further we added a computer vision layer to analyse and catalogue images sent to the end point

What we learned

That dialogflow is a massively powerful tool for quickly assembling & deploying chat bots.

What's next for maintainFlow

Stay Tuned ;-)

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